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When I first started playing professionally I became interested in getting an endorsement with a major drum company. After conveying my desire to several artist who already had endorsements it was suggested I go to the NAM show. Eventually I found my way to the NAM show in Anaheim, California in pursuit of an endorsement with any company that would give me drums for free. Several years later I realized that endorsing a product that you really don’t like is a total waste. Thus I endorse Pearl Drums and Zildjian Cymbals Exclusively. My experience with both companies has been excellent. The best drums I have ever owned currently is Pearl's Reference Series Kits. My favorite cymbals are the K.Constantinople series cymbals I truly endorse these companies because I really love playing their products.

I was once a long time member of the www.jazzcorner,com community although I am no longer part of great web community I still have many friends who are part of the jazzcorner community thus I continue to support jazzcorner and it's efforts. I have great admiration for's founder, Lois Gilbert. so if you have never been to jazzcorner please check it out.

Myspace is an incredible resource for networking. I am happy that my friend pool is expanding everyday. I have also made contact with friends who I have lost contact with. However one problem for me is I often forget that I have a myspace good!

Drummerworld is a very special place which is the brain-child of a serious drum lover.Their you will find profiles of the best drummers in the world. Drummerworld is a great resource for all things drums. I am honored to be a part Drummerworld. If you have not been their you must check it out.

In 2006 I was introduced to Hiro "Star" Tsunoda by my good friends at Pearl Japan. Hiro "Star" Tsunoda is a inspirational figure for many in Japan including myself. Hiro is a talented drummer, singer, composer, and educator. He started a great school in Tokyo called, " Wild Music School". He also has the," Wild Music Camp", which takes place once a year in Nigata, Japan. I did a workshop at the camp in 2006 and really had an incredible time. Many great people are involved in the operation of the school including Hiro's family members. I always enjoy going to Wild Music School because of the good vibes I get their. Hiro and his family are great people to be around. I practice at Wild Music School when ever I can when I am staying Tokyo. So spread the word about this great school in Tokyo!

In New York many musicians will cross paths from time to time on various gigs. The Brooklyn Big Band was the band where I met saxophonist Tim Armacost. Pianist Dave Berkman also played in this big band. All of us were traveling to Japan often for various reasons thus giving us the idea to try and set up a tour at some point. At first it was just an idea however in 2006 with the organizational expertise of Tim Armacost the idea became reality with the formation of the New York Standards Quartet. The band has now done numerous tours in Japan. The group is a collaborative project focusing on jazz standards. I am honored to be a part of this project and enjoy working with it's members who are all dear friends of mine. We now have a website so please drop by and take a look.

At eSession you can hire me or any of the talented musicians that are a part of eSession talent pool. The way it works is: you can hire me to record tracks on your demo or record I then record the tracks at my pad using ProTools. We then exchange the session data via the online data bank. All financial transactions are done via eSession. There is great potential with this service . So if you want to hire me just click the link.

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