Welcome to gallery two! My love for photography goes way back to my high school years in West Philadelphia, Pa. I was a member of the photography club at my school. My father was once a amatuer photographer and he had a darkroom in our basement at the time, so I utilized his darkroom printing black & white prints for my photography club assignments along with my good friend and classmate James Twyman. My father also let me use his Minolta 120mm twin reflex camera. In retrospect I realize I was very lucky to have had such experience in high school. Currently I always bring my camera with me when I am on tour. I enjoy taking pictures while on tour. It's very fulfilling to capture the various visual experiences of a tour. I believe there are many non-musical experiences that influence the creative process of an artist whether musician, painter, or writer. Using the photograph I would like to share the visual experiences that have inpacted me creatively. Because of digital camera technology a novice such as myself can shoot endlessly. This is however contrary to the mindset of the serious professional and is seen by some as the downfall of serious photography, however for me, the novice, snapping photo's endlessly is extremely satisfying. I sincerely hope you enjoy the moments captured In this gallery. Here you will see a collection of photo's from myself and various photographers from around the world however if you would like you can view more of my photographic work at Flickr.com

My Equipment: Canon 5D, Sigma 50 mm F1.4, Canon EF 35 F2, and Canon EF 28-135mm IS USM, Contax ST, 50mm Carl Zeiss Planner 1.4